Maus Pneumatic Breaking Cylinder

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Temperature resistant, pneumatic cylinder for breaking open or pry open the mold flanges of... more
Product information "Maus Pneumatic Breaking Cylinder"

Temperature resistant, pneumatic cylinder for breaking open or pry open the mold flanges of rotational molds (especially for larger or hard to handle moulds) or also entire mold compound (Spider).


Design and function:

The robust Maus break-open cylinder – or Auto-Jack - is designed for continuous use in Rotational moulding environment. Solid steel housing, temperature resistant, stroke of 30mm

Radical reduction of the opening or levering up times on the molds - detaching of “glued” or sticky mold separations in a few seconds!!!

Easy handling for the operator, by omission of the use of wrong tools - e.g. crowbars - avoidance of damages at the rotation mold.

The cylinders, which are controlled via a distributor, are operated by external air and ensure simultaneous pressing on for the mold separation. The parallel movement of cylinders prevents deformation of the mold shells.

During rotation the system is pressure less - thus 100% safe, reliable and repeatable system.


Prerequisite for use in rotary production:

External compressed air connection with min. 7 bar pressure.

Distributor block for connecting cylinders with same length air lines!

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